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tv   wusa 9 News at 7pm  CBS  November 6, 2014 7:00pm-7:31pm EST

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this woman who called 911 out ab this baby supposedly left at her house outside is actually the mom. debra alfarone is live in beltsville with how it all went down. >> reporter: police say the baby was never in danger and was never abandoned. the thing is the mom basically said that she felt overwhelmed and she lied saying she found that baby in her backyard. >> i stepped on my back porch to see what it was and i saw a baby laying in the grass. >> reporter: wusa9 interviewed this woman wednesday night who said she found the baby abandoned in her backyard. >> after i got her and cleaned her up first thing was call the police. >> reporter: police say the woman who called 911 is actually the baby's mother. she told police that she became overwhelmed and didn't know what to do. police say she is now getting the help she needs and will not face charge at this time. >> in maryland there's a safe haven law where essentially any parent can relinquish their i
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could, responsible adult, can re-- their child, responsible adult, can relinquish the child within 10 days of birth to any police station or hospital. she gets to that point and obviously we wish she'd been more forthcoming in the initial call with us, but our position here is not to vilify this woman. we just couldn't be more happy that both she and the child are doing well and we figured out who the birth mother is and we aren't still searching and happy the child is not in a home with someone who doesn't want her. >> reporter: that story about that baby really resonated with so many people. it was one of the most shared stories on our facebook page and we got lots of calls and e- mails and so did prince george's county police from people wanting to foster or adopt that baby. what's next? the baby is in the hospital now and is fine. what happens next is up to the department of social services. we'll continue to follow this. now live at prince george's county police headquarters, debra alfarone, wusa9.
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>> any word if there will be charges against the mom? >> reporter: there are no charges going to be filed at this time. lieutenant bill alexander said they don't want to vilify the woman, that she actually did comply with that safe haven law, although she didn't do it in the most direct way. >> all right. thank you. >> our jims jim osman is following this story further tonight. now in woodbridge police investigating a shooting in a wal-mart parking lot around 4:30 on worth avenue. prince william county police say a man was at the gallery counter when he pulled out a hammer -- jewelry counter when he pulled out a hammer in each hand and starting breaking the counters. he ran out into the parking lot and a police officer followed him into the lot. the man ignored commands and the officer shot the man. he is now in the hospital.
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the victim is home, but the suspect in that terrifying caught on tape abduction in philly is headed to virginia to face charges in a more brutal attack on a 16-year-old girl. authorities picked up d delvin barnes in howard county last night. car carlesha freeland gaither fighting for her life, abducted. how did they find him and rescue his victim? a car dealer had stuck a gps monitor on barnes' car because he was such a bad credit risk. the victim's mother talked to her after the rescue. >> she told me she loved me and missed me, come get her. >> reporter: maryland is holding barnes on a fugitive warrant out of charles city county in west virginia. the attack in the richmond area is about as horrific as you can
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imagine. police found a 16-year-old girl wandering along the side of the street. she had been missing for two days and when police found her, she was naked, she was bleeding, she was covered in burns and she reeked of bleach and gasoline. police chief ramsey says carlesha is a fighter. she kicked out the window. barnes' car and kept fighting as he drove her to maryland. >> you brought her right home. >> good job. >> thank you. >> reporter: before he hit that richmd teenager in the head with a shovel and started digging a grave, police say that delven barnes showed her pictures of other women that he said he had attacked, so there may be more. in towson, maryland, bruce leshan, wusa9. >> just minutes ago the u.s. attorney sent us the criminal complaint the prosecutors just filed against barnes charging him with kidnapping and transporting his victim across state lines in the attack in
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philadelphia. today we learned barnes had a violent history in philadelphia. in november, 2005 police arrested him on charges of aggravated assault, false imprisonment, endangering a person and burglary. he pled guilty. today in court state officials filed a motion to have catherine hoggle placed into the custody of the sheriff to show police exactly where her missing children are located. the judge in rockville had a somewhat surprising response, though. >> reporter: i'm stephanie ramirez outside of the montgomery courthouse in rockville where today the state's attorney made an up expected attempt to find miss -- an unexpected attempt to find missing children sarah and jacob hoggle who have been missing for two months now. family and a close friend over the weekend said their mother made claims she wanted to show police where sarah and jacob are. these people were present today along with police as the state's attorney asked the judge to grant a motion that would allow catherine to go with the sheriff and show this
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location. however, hoggle's competency report still hasn't been returned, so the judge ruled today until then she is not competent and is not to have contact with police. her attorney agreed. >> to think that she is in a position where she would be able to render any meaningful assistance or nonassistance just logically makes no sense given the circumstances of this case. >> if the children aren't there, she returns to where she is either way and nothing would have been gained or lost. so i just think it was a chance that was missed and it's sad, very sad. >> reporter: hoggle is due back in court again january 5th. the state's attorney says we should be expecting more serious charges to be filed by then. in rockville stephanie ramirez, wusa9. doctor the fallout continued in baltimore today after a 47-year- old ex-raven cheerleader and glamorous socialite was accused of raping a 15-year-old boy at her bethany beach home. scott broom explains how this
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encounter could have a long lasting impact on this teen- ager's life. >> reporter: 47-year-old molly shattuck expelled from the many philanthropic boards she sat on here in baltimore while her ex- husband says through his lawyers he is shocked and saddened by the whole affair and is concerned for both the victim and his three children. meanwhile social media is alive with debate. it's not rape. it's a fantasy come true wrote one sparking indignant responses like it doesn't matter what gender it is. it's still rape and not a dream. >> it's not a victimless crime. >> reporter: attorney jim wilkinson represents the washington based advocacy group eqitask. >> their healthy relationships can really be impacted by this kind of behavior. >> grooming and alcohol might have been used. people do that to take advantage of this population. >> reporter: the wealthy set
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is repulsed by all of it. said one the whole thing is just pathetic. in baltimore, scott broom, wusa9. >> shattuck's three children are now with her ceo ex- husband. after two days the arbitration hearing is done in the ray rice matter, his future in the hands of an arbitrator. ray rice is appealing his suspension from the nfl. this week's hearing will determine whether or not the nfl overstepped its authority when it changes rice's two-game suspension and made it indefinite after this video went public of rice hitting his then fiancee in atlantic city, no word when the ruling might come down. tonight montgomery county police are searching for three men who carjacked a woman at gunpoint in bethesda. the 18-year-old victim was parked on hampden lane near wilson lane about 7:00 last night. she was talking on the phone when one of the suspects opened the door, held a gun to her head and ordered her out. the suv was spotted later in
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silver spring, but the carjackers got away. police are now searching for a 2011 dark red volvo with maryland tags 1ae3792. if you see that suv, please call 911. alexandria police looking for the man who tried to rob a bunch of kids of their halloween candy at gunpoint. it happened 8:30 halloween night at a school playground on commonwealth avenue. the man wore a black ski mask as he walked up to the kids, pulled out a gun and demanded their treats. the kid ran and no one was hurt. senator mark warner now calling a possible request for a recount in his race unprecedented. warner made the rounds at an event in fairfax today, two days after his stunningly narrow win against republican ed gillespie. for warner the close call is not about supporting more democratic issues but about getting major problems solved. >> lots of actions i took in this first term where we put
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group together i think about the gang of six. i think about how close we got. but do we end up with a full budget solution that would have avoided the stupidity of sequestration? no. if we don't act, that's going to come rushing back and have a devastating effect on virginia next year. >> gillespie not available for comment today. his campaign says it will wait at least until the canvassing is done before they make any decisions. they can't request a recount until november 25th. republicans wasting no time laying out their plan once they do take over congress and it's no surprise some of the items on their agenda don't mesh so well with what president obama would like to see. representative john boehner and senator mitch mcconnell want to approve the keystone excel oil pipeline from canada to the gulf coast and repeal obamacare. congressional leaders will head to the white house tomorrow to talk about their goals. i'm meteorologist topper shutt. the winds are kicking up in the
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northwest. we'll show you the radar. most of the showers are gone. we'll come back, talk about how strong these winds will get and look ahead to the weekend forecast. >> that shows the importance of having kids in a booster seat, what to look for and how to check the safety of your model next. >> why were country music legend willie nelson and hip- hop star common at the
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new safety ratings are out to help keep parents and their young children safe in the car. a good booster seat cuts the rate of crash injuries by 45%. that doesn't have to mean shelling out a bunch of money. this year 41 models and a record 27 received a top notch best bet rating. booster seats are important for kids ages 4 to 8 because they elevate children giving them a
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good seatbelt fit. >> the most important thing is that the booster seat do a good job positioning the belts and that means that the lap belt lie flat across the upper thighs and the shoulder belt sit snugly at the center of the shoulder to provide the best protection in a crash. >> the best bet booster seats can cost $25 to more than $350. if you have a booster seat, you can find the full list of rated models on the new wusa9 app. it's free and available in the apple and google stores. first lady michelle obama paying a tribute today to music and the military at an event with local high school students and special guests willie nelson and hip-hop star common. >> andrea mccarren was the only local reporter at the white house for the special concert. >> reporter: this event was as much about music as it was about honoring the children of active duty military. >> you're some of the most resilient young people that i have ever met. >> reporter: first lady michelle obama tomorrow the crowd of local high school
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studí9a ents from military communities that their sacrifice is appreciated. >> that's why you all are heros to me and to my husband because of what you all do. you manage to allow your families to continue to serve. >> reporter: the first lady's gratitude came at an east room event documenting the impact of music throughout the course of history. >> music can really change the perspective of someone's life. music has done that for me. >> music is the magic that brings us all together. >> reporter: and featured a performance by llwiie nelson. >> we don't quit. we never do. there's been in times in my life that i know music has saved me from all kinds of bad things happening. >> but come and find young women and men of service. >> reporter: music of all genres can touch the hearts of military children and provide them with a voice. the first lady said on average the children of active duty military parents will move
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between six and nine times by the time they graduate high school. at the white house andrea mccarren, wusa9. >>. here's something you probably needed, a bit of optimism today in the fight against ebola. the progress seen in the last two months up next. >> the post office is branching out, the millions of reasons it is now adding sunday delivery and how long that's going to last after the break on wusa9 and your only lol news at
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reliability, is now an american thing. introducing the all new chrysler 200. america's import.
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wusa9 news is sponsored in part by your local toyota dealers. he here's a look at the national headlines tonight. the united states ebola chief says international response to the crisis has made him hopeful the outbreak could be done sometime next year. west africa now has five times the number of beds for treating ebola patients than it did just two months ago. that's pretty good progress. he also says it's way too early to say if the worst is over. ebola remember has killed nearly 5,000 people across west africa. in new york city doctors say ebola patient dr. craig spencer remains in stable condition and keeps making good progress and is feeling well enough to play the ban joe and ride ther and -- banjo and ride the exercise bike in his hospital room. spencer tested positive for ebola after treating patients in guinea. he's been in isolation since october 23rd. this holiday season postal workers will spread cheer even
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on sunday. packages will be delivered in major cities on sunday but the locations were not listed. the seven-day delivery run will go from november 17th through christmas. the post office is expecting a 12% grth in package deliveries this holiday season. that amounts to about 470 million additional boxes going here to there. the only station with weather alert days, wusa9 first alert weather. >> top, we're looking ahead to the weekend, right? >> we are. we're pretty much done with showers. we're now tracking winds. it will be kind of windy tomorrow and breezy on saturday and sunday. in addition to the ravens playing on sunday, the chesapeake bay walk 10k is this sunday as well. it won't be too windy. they'll still have it. let's start with a live look outside, our live michael and son weather cam, got to 65 today. it's still 61 and notice the winds west, northwest at 7. that signals the front is through us and drier air is on the way. in fact, we'll look at radar
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over the past couple hours. you can see most of the showers essentially across the bay, a couple sprinkles still back to the west of leesburg, but i think they'll dry up as they move through in the next hour or so. we've got wind out of the northwest 18 at win chester and wind gusts at national 16 miles an hour. showers ending early tonight, pretty much over about now except for southern maryland. bus stop it. s 44 to about 50 -- temperatures 44 to about 50. it's going to be windy tomorrow and blustery. so grab sunglasses and a heavy coat because winds will make it feel way colder than 55 degrees. if you're in the shade and add a 25 mile-per-hour wind, it's going to feel like it's in the 40s. 6 a.m. all in the 40s, sunshine, and by 8:00 still 40s, close to 50 downtown. by lunchtime low 50s in the suburbs, mid-50s downtown. by 4:00 already 47 in
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gaithersburg and 48 in leesburg. so some of the high school football games will be played in the 40s and couple that with winds it will really feel chilly, 51 at 4:00 downtown. by 6:00 tomorrow evening everybody is in the, low 40s gaithersburg, mid-40s leesburg, manassas, upper 40s downtown. if you're out late tomorrow night like 8:00, now we're in the upper 30s in gaithersburg and low 40s downtown and just updated at 8:30 now it's 37 in gaithersburg tomorrow night. if you have a big night on the up -- on the town planned, you'll need a heavy coat. >> tomorrow morning 26 mile-per- hour wind gusts possible downtown and by 11:00 winds could be gusting near 30 miles an hour. break this down. 48 at 7:00, 52 at 9:00. it holds at 54 at 11:00 and also 1:00. breezy and chilly saturday but a respectable day for the heart walk, mid-50s and then breezy and cool sunday for the ravens,
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highs near 60. next seven days milder monday, back in the mid-60s. we're near 70 on veterans day and then rain and showers wednesday and then perhaps the coldest air of the
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that's all our news at
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7:00. we'll be back at 11:00. make it a great night!
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why would selena gomez record herself crying about bieber and put that breakdown in her new music video. >> i'm still trying to figure it out, but she exps lainit all tonight including what justin thinks. >> i made some decisions that weren't great and so did he. >> makes me feel like it's my fault. >> did selena release her enrevge song to sell albums or to embarrass ju?stin >> he has heard it. >> keira knightley goes topless and demands no photoshopping, like the last time. >> love it. also tonight, it's "how to get away with murder" night. >> i got the keating five to prove, you know what, they are just like us. >> i take the bus and i have aa car. >> plus, it's "big bang's" prom night. i give them a throwback thursday surprise.
7:30 pm
right? >> a little bit. >> and -- ♪ come aboard, we're expecting you snoetd ♪ the love boat >> julie, there was a flirtation with gopher, what happened there? >> now, "entertainment tonight," we love entertaining people. >> selena gomez says, quote, after a year of holding on, i think it is time to start sharing, and oh, man is she sharing. more like spilling. the tears are flowing as she lays out all the pain and frustration of loving justin bieber. >> i think we all remember young love is stressful, and watching these two go back and forth over the years. heaven help the man who ends up with selena and has to deal with all the justin fallout, and it ain't pretty. >> in tonight's top story, the three things that we learned from selena's tearful confession. ♪ there's a million reasons why i should give you up ♪ ♪ but the heart won't let it go ♪ >> what is your relationship like now with justin? >> i support him. i think i always will. i don't want anything ever to happen to him bad.


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